Discussing charitable gift planning strengthens relationships between you and your clients. It can be an effective way to grow your practice and benefit the Alliance community, but sometimes finding the right solution for your client can be complicated. We are here to help and we have local knowledge and expertise to best serve your clients’ philanthropic interests. We have several creative giving options and services that achieve effective results.

Your clients may be eligible for an immediate tax deduction when establishing a charitable fund and we can establish one for as little as $10,000. Our fund types include donor advised, unrestricted, field of interest, designated and scholarships. Our team also offers planned gifts that provide a source of income for your client and their families which include charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable bequests by will.

Partnering with you to make planned giving arrangements gives your clients an opportunity to address a wide array of issues they may be facing whether simple or complex. Your clients’ unique financial, family or business situation will be held in confidence as we work hard and partner with you to customize a plan that works to their advantage. Call us today at 330-823-8560 and our staff can walk you through various types of charitable gifts we accept including cash, traded securities, mutual fund shares, paid life insurance policies, retirement plan assets or real estate to achieve their philanthropic goals. We work daily to strengthen our community by serving people with resources who benefit from philanthropic giving. The Greater Alliance foundation is a tax-exempt public charity and our federal EIN is 34-1873212.