GIVE Alliance 365 Grant Application

GIVE Alliance 365 logoGive Alliance 365 is an affiliate fund of the Greater Alliance Foundation and $15,000 was awarded in grants last year.

In 2023 the grant application is available to agencies that have worked to build successful partnerships. Partnerships help pool resources and expertise, can expand the reach of programs, and they can provide stability (financial and non-financial) for an organization.

Greater Alliance Foundation
Linda S. Fergason, Director of Donor and Community Relations

GIVE Alliance 365 Application Guidelines

Submission on or before:  June 16, 2023

Eligible Organizations: The Greater Alliance Foundation makes grants to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Size of Grants:  Grant requests between $500 and $5,000 will be accepted.

Grant Focus:  Partnerships

Duration: GIVE Alliance 365 grants are for a period of up to one year, with the expectation that the full amount of the grant will be used within that time.

Geographic Range: GIVE Alliance 365 grants must benefit agencies that serve people in the Alliance area – including Marlington, Sebring and West Branch.

Leadership and Fiscal Accountability: Grantees must have leadership capacity, financial stability, and appropriate procedures in place for fiscal and organizational accountability.

Final Report:  Grantees will document their project by submitting a final report documenting the success of the project and how funds were used.

GIVE Alliance 365 Grant Application: Be concise.  Answer the questions completely.  Letters of support may be included but are not required.

It is suggested that you download a copy of the questions and type your answers into a word processing program first. When you are ready to submit your application, copy and paste your responses into the form.

Download formsDownload Forms:
GIVE Alliance 365 Grant Application 2023 | GIVE 365 budget