Donor & Corporate Advised Funds

Donors recommend specific charitable grants from their fund, subject to the approval by the Foundation.  Successor advisors may be named so generational philanthropy can be fostered by families.


  • Donor receives an immediate income tax deduction for contributions while decreasing the value of his or her estate for estate tax purposes.
  • Capital gains tax is also avoided on depreciated assets contributed.
  • No upfront costs or administrative hassle and GAF accepts a wide range of nontraditional assets as contributions.
  • Low cost strategy for philanthropy that is flexible and simple.

Juliann Burnell Charitable Fund (Est. 2014)

Even though Juli has been a long-time resident of the Dayton area, she continues the legacy established by her parents, Romane and Betty Burnell by establishing a donor advised fund in her hometown.  She has many philanthropic interests, particularly those supporting the human-animal bond, including Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund which she founded to provide financial support to help sick pets get the veterinary care they need to stay with their families.

Richard and Sue Campbell Charitable Fund (Est. 2004)

Richard and Sue Campbell established this fund for charitable activities with a special emphasis on the Alliance Family YMCA.

Alison Draves Performing Arts Fund (Est. 2009)

Jeffrey and Patricia Draves established this fund to memorialize their daughter, Alison, who was accomplished in academics, music and dance by the young age of 15.  Her confidence and passion for musical production through performance and choreography was evident with her outstanding stage presence and energy on stage.  She was a member of the AHS band, show choir and flag squad, and competed with her dance team at Avondale Dance Centre in jazz, ballet, lyrical and tap.

Charles and Carol Grove Charitable Fund (Est. 2004)

Charles and Carol Grove established this DAF in order to give back to the community they love.  They and their daughter, Beth Mitchell, support a wide variety of charities in the greater Alliance area including the Alliance Family YMCA and the arts.  It was their hope that they could foster a sense of community philanthropy and activism through the Foundation.

Grove Appliance Corporate Advised Fund (Est. 2018)

David and Beth Mitchell established this corporate advised fund to give back to the greater Alliance community who has supported their family business in furniture and appliance sales for four generations.  David and Beth continue the philanthropic commitments of each of their family legacies in Alliance by establishing this fund.

Harrell Charitable Fund (Est. 2010)

This fund was established by Christin Tolerton Harrell who grew up in Alliance. She is the daughter of Terry and Judy Tolerton.  Along with her husband Eric, they support causes in Alliance and in Greenville, South Carolina where they reside.

Keller Family Charitable Fund (Ext. 2011)

Lynn Keller created this fund to continue the legacy she shared with her late husband, Jay, to provide charitable grants to a variety of organizations addressing community needs.

Kintz Family Donor Advised Fund (Est. 2004)

James Kintz created this fund for his family to assist and support charities within the Alliance community.

Steve and Kathy Kramer Charitable Fund (Est. 2007)

This fund was established by long-time educators in the city of Alliance, Steve and Kathy Kramer, and will be used for future charitable purposes.  Steve is a retired professor of the University of Mount Union and Kathy is retired from Alliance City Schools.

Joseph and Charlotte Mastroianni Family Charitable Fund (Est. 2016)

Joseph and Charlotte created this fund as a part of their estate planning.  They owned the Buckeye Village Market grocery store and it was their desire for their children, Gerard, Mary Jo, Mark and Todd to give back through this fund to the Alliance community that supported the Mastroianni family business. 

Beatrice L. Miller Charitable Fund (Est. 2015)

Beatrice L. Miller owned and operated the Royal China Company and fashioned a very successful career which led to the creation of her own private foundation.  In 2015, her advisory committee became partners with GAF to continue B. L. Miller’s philanthropic intent for the community through annual grants to support impact organizations in Sebring and Alliance.

John and Madge Peters Charitable Fund (Est. 2004)

John “Jack” and Madge Peters expressed their continuing commitment to their local community Foundation by establishing the fund.  They have been long time supporters of the Alliance Family YMCA, Stuckey Interfaith, and the early learning initiative among many other charitable organizations.

Mel and Bonnie Rittner Charitable Advised Fund (Est. 2017)

As a retired local dentist, Mel Rittner and his wife, Bonnie established this fund as a way to give back to the local community and support organizations that are important to the them.  This fund gives them the flexibility to support current needs in the community or meet unknowns in the future.

Robertson Family Charitable Fund (Est. 2005)

Virginia Robertson, wife of Alliance businessman John Robertson, who founded Robertson Heating Supply in 1934, established this fund to support projects that benefited children and families through charitable, educational, and recreational initiatives.

Joan and Richard Spittler Charitable Fund (Est. 2016)

Established by the children of Joan and Dick Spittler: John, Robert, Ann, Phillip, Mary Lynn, and Christine, to support community needs in memory of their parents.

Steve Teeple Charitable Fund (Est. 2009)

Norma Teeple, wife of Attorney John Teeple, established this charitable fund to be advised by their son, Steve.  He supports a variety of philanthropic interests including health initiatives, public broadcasting, and organizations that help people in need.

Thomas Teeple Charitable Fund (Est. 2009)

Norma Teeple, wife of Attorney John Teeple, established this charitable fund to be advised by their son, Thomas. He supports a variety of philanthropic interests including the arts, health initiatives and social services.

Tolerton Charitable Fund (Est. 2010)

Terry and Judy Tolerton and their son Will along with his wife Marci, established their advised fund as a means to give back to the community where they raised their family and have been successful in their family owned business.

Ruth Walter Charitable Fund (Est. 2000)

In memory of her late husband Wayne, Ruth was one of the first donors to the Foundation and created this fund to support the Alliance Family YMCA and to respond to the community needs that they were passionate about.  Ruth was active in many aspects of community life.  Her daughter, Gayle Sutherin is the successor advisor of this fund.