Ways to Give

Guide to Giving

Learn more about how you can support the Greater Alliance Area through GAF. Our robust Giving Guide is full of valuable information and may take a moment to download. Trust us – it’s worth the wait!

Strategies for Planning Giving

Struggling to decide on a Planning Giving Path? Learn about GAF’s recommended strategies then contact us for expert advice.

Here are various ways to give to the Greater Alliance Foundation, while also supporting the Greater Alliance community. Feel free to call the Foundation office to discuss a fund that might be suited to you and your family. There is no obligation and all discussions are in confidence.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

This tax exempt trust distributes income annually, typically to the donor and perhaps other family members. After the beneficiary has died or after a predetermined number of years, the remaining value of the trust goes to the Greater Alliance Foundation. The donor receives a tax deduction for part of the assets placed in the trust. This deduction varies depending on the life expectancy of the beneficiaries and the amount of the annual distributions. The payments vary based on the fair market value of the assets in the trust. The assets are valued annually.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

This version of the charitable remainder trust makes payments to the beneficiaries which do not vary but are predetermined at the time the trust is created.

Charitable Remainder Lead Trust

The charity receives the income for a period of years. When the trust terminates, the principal goes to family members. Although there is no charitable income tax deduction, using the lead trust minimizes the gift tax on transfer of the trust principal to future generations.

Set Up a Fund

Unrestricted Funds

Donor allows the Greater Alliance Foundation to identify and respond to ever-changing capital needs. The Foundation Trustees, with their in-depth knowledge of the community, can focus your dollars on creative and effective grants.

Donor Advised Funds

Donors recommend specific grants from their fund, subject to final approval by the Foundation’s Trustees.

Designated Fund

Donor has designated the charity to receive grants from the fund.

Endowment Fund

A permanent fund which every year generates income to support charities and capital improvement projects. The principle is preserved and invested.