Donor Advised Funds

Easy and Convenient ~

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are the number one option for donors who value flexibility in their charitable giving. DAFs work like a charitable check book with GAF handling the administration of gifts.


  • Donor receives an immediate income tax deduction for contributions while decreasing the value of his or her estate for estate tax purposes.
  • Capital gains tax is also avoided on depreciated assets contributed.
  • No upfront costs or administrative hassle and GAF accepts a wide range of nontraditional assets as contributions.
  • Low cost strategy for philanthropy that is flexible and simple.

Alliance Woman’s Club Charitable Fund (2022)

Upon the dissolution of the organization, members partnered with GAF to ensure their legacy continues to support programs and projects that promote women’s activities and interests.

Geraldine Burnell-Brotzman Charitable Fund (2001)

Through planned giving, Geraldine established this DAF to meet the needs of the greater Alliance community.

Dr. Juliann Burnell Charitable Fund (2014)

Juli has been a long-time resident of the Dayton area and continues the legacy established by her parents, Romane and Betty Burnell, by establishing a DAF in her hometown. 

Richard and Susanne Campbell Charitable Fund (1999)

Dick and Sue established this fund for charitable activities with a special emphasis on the Alliance Family YMCA.

Alison Draves Performing Arts Fund (2009)

Jeff and Pat established this memorial fund to honor their daughter as a lasting tribute to Alison’s joy and love of the performing arts. 

Brad and Sue Goris Donor Advised Fund (2021)

Brad and Sue established their DAF with proceeds from the sale of real estate to meet the many needs of their favorite charities.

Jim and Jill Greiner Family Fund (2021)

Jim and Jill are lifelong residents of Alliance and established this DAF to give back locally to a community that has been good to them. 

Charles and Carol Grove Charitable Fund (2004)

Chuck and Carol established this DAF to give back to the community they love. This DAF has supported a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in the greater Alliance area.

Harrell Charitable Fund (2010)

This DAF was established by Christina who grew up in Alliance and is the the daughter of Terry and Judy Tolerton.

Damon and Amanda Keller Charitable Donor Advised Fund (2021)

Damon and Amanda created this DAF to continue their philanthropy and support the community that has supported their family over the years. 

Keller Family Charitable Fund (2011)

Lynn Keller created this fund to continue the legacy she shared with her late husband, Jay, to provide charitable grants to a variety of organizations addressing community needs.

Kintz-Spittler Donor Advised Fund (2021)

The Kintz-Spittler Fund was established to assist and support charitable organizations and projects in the Alliance community. 

Steve and Kathy Kramer Charitable Fund (2007)

This fund was established by long-time educators in the city of Alliance, Steve and Kathy Kramer, and will be used for future charitable purposes.

Joseph and Charlotte Mastroianni Family Charitable Fund (2016)

This fund was created by the planned giving of Joseph and Charlotte to respond to community needs. 

Maxine Middleton Charitable Fund (2022)

Scott Middleton established this fund in memory of his wife Max who bravely battled breast cancer for 14 years. She was better known for her ability to connect with people. This memorial continues her legacy of helping others. 

Beatrice L. Miller Charitable Fund (2015)

This fund was established by the B. L. Miller Foundation to continue her philanthropic legacy in supporting nonprofit agencies in Sebring and Alliance. 

Neil Family Donor Advised Fund (2021)

Sue and Scott established this fund to share their blessings and make an impact on their community and continue the philanthropic legacy of Sue’s grandparents toward local needs. 

Dr. Barry Penturf Memorial Charitable Fund (2022)

Dr. Penturf’s daughters who maintain his dental practice, Ann and Stephanie, along with his wife Lynn established this fund to continue Barry’s generosity and support in the Alliance community.

John and Madge Peters Charitable Fund (2004)

John “Jack” and Madge Peters expressed their continuing commitment to their local community foundation by establishing the fund.

Mel and Bonnie Rittner Charitable Donor Advised Fund (2017)

Mel and Bonnie established this DAF as a way to give back to their community and their church, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church. They provide support to many nonprofit organizations. 

Robertson Family Charitable Fund (2005)

Virginia, wife of Alliance businessman John Robertson who founded Robertson Heating Supply in 1934, established this fund to support projects that benefit children and families through educational and recreational initiatives. 

Sarah Grace Stanley Memorial Fund (2019)

Bill and Denise created this memorial fund to celebrate their daughter, Sarah Grace, and her passion for friends, family, and animals. 

Steve Teeple Charitable Fund (2009)

Norma Teeple, wife of Attorney John Teeple, established this charitable fund to be advised by their son, Steve.  He supports a variety of philanthropic interests including health initiatives, public broadcasting, and organizations that help people in need.

Thomas Teeple Charitable Fund (2009)

Norma Teeple, wife of Attorney John Teeple, established this charitable fund to be advised by their son, Thomas. He supports a variety of philanthropic interests including the arts, health initiatives and social services.

Tolerton Charitable Fund (2010)

Terry and Judy and their son Will and wife Marci established this DAF as a means to give back to the community where they raised their family and owned a successful business.

Ruth Walter Charitable Fund (2000)

In memory of her late husband Wayne, Ruth was one of the first donors to the Foundation and created this fund to support the Alliance Family YMCA and to respond to community needs.